The Pattern I Can’t See

Psalm 147:5  Our Lord is great. Nothing is impossible with His overwhelming power. He is loving, compassionate, and wise beyond all measure.  (VOICE)

In the complicated and irregular world of my stepson’s mental illness, nothing is more important than my relationship with God. The assurance of His love and the knowledge that He knows exactly what I am going through can hold me up when I would otherwise fall into a crumpled mess.

Yet, I sometimes get discouraged when my prayers seem unheard. I don’t see much progress in my stepson’s battle with his brain disorder, but I have to believe that God is still in control. Even if I don’t understand how God works, I know that He allows, in His unlimited wisdom, those things that will help me grow.

One time I heard about an illustration that Corrie Ten Boom used. We see our life like looking at the underside of embroidery work, full of ragged ends of different colored threads, lines crisscrossing in random paths. God sees our life from the top, from His vantage point. He sees a beautiful finished piece of art, His own handiwork.

So I am learning to trust Him as I move forward. It may seem like He’s far away, but He’s not.


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