My Big God and My Small Problems

Psalm 8:1  O Eternal, our Lord, Your majestic name is heart throughout the earth; Your magnificent glory shines far above the skies.  (VOICE)

On our recent vacation we drove half-way across the country to be with family. I love that drive, even if it is long.

The variety of landscapes never ceases to amaze me as we travel from mountains and through the high desert, past farms and ranches, across wide rivers and alongside dry creek-beds. We spent a week on a lake that had eagles and loons. We experienced a rain storm and some magnificent sunsets.

When I think of how God spoke all of this into existence, it’s impossible to comprehend how powerful He is and how limitless His creativity must be.

Even so, why is it that I act like He can’t take care of my problems? Why do I feel like my issues are either too small for Him to be bothered with or too big for even Him to handle? Why does it feel like my stepson’s mental illness is an impossibility even for God?

I get this way when my range of vision is too small. That’s one reason why road trips are valuable for me. When I look at His creation in just this small part of the universe, things are put into perspective.

The Bible says that even the littlest thing in my life doesn’t escape His notice. Imagine, the great God of the universe, the Creator of everything, is interested in little ol’ me.

Our problems are small compared to the bigger picture. Our time here on earth is so short compared to eternal life.

So be encouraged. We’re all in the same boat here on earth, but we sometimes need to look up at the stars and remember how big our God is.

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