Looking Through God’s Lens

Proverbs 7:1-2 My son, live according to what I am telling you; guard my instructions as you would a treasure deep within you. Stay true to my directives, and they will serve you well; make my teachings the lens through which you see life.

Life with a mentally ill person can seem distorted when I look at it with the wrong lens. Too often I’m looking through my pain, my anger, my disappointment. I forget that there’s a better way to view life.

God hasn’t left me defenseless to battle my own way through the maze of mental illness. He’s given us the Scriptures. The verse above calls it a treasure.

photo by Andre Karwath (Aka)

Boy, can I ever get demanding sometimes. When we went through a difficult time last week, I said, “Lord, show me the exact chapter and verse that will help me get through this! I want specifics!” Don’t tell me that you’ve never asked for that.

The thing is, even though the Word might not tell me exactly what to do, the principles are there to help me, and the Holy Spirit will teach me how to apply them in my life. Like a lens, when I look at my situation through those principles, God’s will eventually becomes more clear.

Notice I said “eventually.” It took me a couple of days of worthless stewing and fretting, but I finally picked up my Holy Spirit camera and looked at what was happening. My heart and mind settled down, and I found I could pray with a bit more clarity instead of just griping to God.

Amazing what the right lens can do.

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