His Greatness in My Heart

Psalm 99:2  The Eternal is great in the hearts of His people; He has made Zion His sacred mountain, and He reigns majestic over all people.

God is great in my heart. Spring reminds me of that because to me it represents hope. Life is full of cycles and patterns. The more I learn about the intricacies of creation, the more I’m in awe of God. From the outer reaches of the universe to the smallest particle of matter to the remarkable workings of the human body – God’s plan is perfect.

Everything about God is perfect. His faithfulness is perfect. His power is perfect. His grace and mercy are perfect. His justice is perfect as is His righteousness. Most of all, His love is perfect.

God isn’t present just in a human-built tabernacle anymore. His home is in the heart of those who ask Jesus to forgive them and live with them.

There are a billion reasons why His greatness should be in my heart, even though sometimes it seems that in living with a mentally ill stepson it would be easy to live in anger and resentment. At times I have given in to those feelings, but then I have to remind myself that God is greater than mental illness.

Read that again:  God is greater than mental illness.

So regardless of how you are feeling, keep God’s greatness in your heart.

If for no other reason than this, that He loves you.

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