A Fitting Home for God

Numbers 7:1-2  When Moses finished setting up the congregation tent, sanctifying, anointing, and setting apart it and everything in it – its furnishings, altar, and sacred receptacles, as befits God’s holy dwelling place – then Israel’s tribe leaders, the heads of their extended families, the leaders of everyone who had been organized and counted, came forward to make an offering.

photo by Stilfehler

photo by Stilfehler

Is dish soap something to get mad about? Really? Well, that’s exactly what triggered a peevish attitude in me the other day. My stepson had taken a new bottle of dish soap from under the kitchen sink while we were away. I can’t believe how much it irritates me when he does things like that.

I also can’t believe that I let something like that bother me. For goodness’ sake it’s just dish soap!! And after all, he did leave me a note that he had taken it.

If I’m the residence of the Holy Spirit, I wasn’t acting in a way that “befits God’s holy dwelling place.”

Taking care of this physical body to honor God isn’t that hard. But sometimes I don’t take good care of His spiritual home.

So I’ve resolved to take better care of this temple, inside and out.

Are you tending to His sanctuary? Together let’s commit to bring honor to God as we navigate the sometimes rough waters of mental illness – to bless and not scold, to be compassionate and not judgmental, to pray and not complain.

May our homes, internal and external, be a witness to the grace and mercy God has extended to us.

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