Praying and Waiting

Lamentations 3:24 Have courage, for the Eternal is all that I will need. My soul boasts, “Hope in God; just wait.”   (VOICE)

Praying for someone with a mental illness is hard.  Sometimes I think it’s easier to pray for someone with cancer.

photo by Alex on

photo by Alex on

Why is that?

God can heal. I’ve seen it many times, even in my own life. I have to believe God heals because Scripture says so. The difficult part is that I must relinquish the results of my prayers into His hands. It’s my job to pray and His to answer, however He chooses to do it.

Mental illness is a brain disorder. I get angry and frustrated when people say that a mentally ill person is possessed by demons or that they should just “get over it.” It is an illness, and like any illness God can heal it in His way and in His time.

So I pray and I wait. Even if I never see my stepson healed, God is still all I need, and that’s  the source of my hope.

God’s Word says that faith is believing even if we don’t see. Keep praying for your loved one with the brain disorder. Doctors and medications are not a sign of weak faith. God has given men the wisdom to learn about mental illness and how to treat it.

But keep on praying. I will because I believe that is why God has put me in this family.

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