Living Strong and Courageously

Psalm 31:24  Be strong, live courageously, all of you who set your hope in the Eternal. (VOICE)

This past weekend we attended the funeral of a young friend who died of cancer. It was profoundly sad, but at the same time profoundly uplifting.

photo by Effex

photo by Effex

She and her husband and most of their families are Christian. One word that stood out in the things spoken by people was “hope.” When we place our hope in things, in people, in finances, in anything but God, we aren’t living strong or courageously. We’re living precariously because those things aren’t lasting.

But when we place our hope in Jesus, we’re on solid ground. We’ll never be let down, never be abandoned. We have the assurance that even if our physical body dies, our spirit will live with God forever, and those of us who are left here have the promise that we’ll see that person again.

Even when it comes to our family member who has a brain disorder, we can only hope in medicine and science so far. Our ultimate hope is in the Eternal and His ability to heal.

It’s easy to get discouraged when we don’t see much change in that person or when he seems to take a step backwards. That’s where strength and courage come in. I need to remain strong in my faith that God can, indeed, heal anything – even mental illness. And I courageously continue to pray for that healing even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

So hope isn’t just for the afterlife.  It’s also for the here and now, for all of those times when God seems far away.

He really isn’t far away. Hope tells me that He is with me now, that He sees the future, and that He will continue to be with me all the way.

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