A Never-Ending Love

Ephesians 6:24  May His grace surround all who love our Lord Jesus the Anointed with a never-ending love. (VOICE)

photo by Michal Osmenda

photo by Michal Osmenda

I love Christmas.  I love the lights, the music, the decorations, the gatherings.

Some people are getting cynical about the holiday because of the emphasis on spending and getting stuff. Understandable as that is, Christians have much better reasons for enjoying the Christmas season.

Let me count the ways:

  • God’s grace that does surround our lives.
  • God’s love that’s truly a never-ending love.
  • God’s gift of salvation that came through Jesus.
  • God’s presence at Christmas in myriad decorations downtown and songs over the loud-speaker in the mall.
  • God’s message that’s more public now than at any other time of the year.

So enjoy Christmas. Enjoy the gifts. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the family.

Most of all, enjoy the fact that God loves you enough to send Jesus into the world not as a baby but as a Savior.

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