Job 26:14 And all of this, all of these are the mere edges of His capabilities. We are privy to only a whisper of His power.  Who then dares to claim understanding of His thunderous might?  (VOICE – emphasis mine)

I love Thanksgiving.  Somehow it has so far escaped the crass commercialism of Christmas.

photo by the National Park Service

photo by the National Park Service

As a Christian I have been trying to cultivate a thankful spirit all year long.  Ann Voskamp, in her book One Thousand Gifts, says that thankfulness opens the door to trusting God. Of all people on earth, Christ-followers should be grateful because we are the beneficiaries of His grace.

Sometimes when struggling with the issues of a family member with a brain disorder, I have difficulty finding that peaceful place.  That’s why I love this verse from Job.  Even if all else appears bleak, I can remind myself of God’s greatness, His sovereignty, His love, His power.

We only get tiny glimpses of Him in this lifetime – the edges and whispers of a greatness we will one day see fully in heaven.

That is more than enough to be thankful for.

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