God’s GPS

Psalm 32:8  I will teach you and tell you the way to go and how to get there; I will give you good counsel, and I will watch over you.

One day we were outside in the yard when a woman pulled her car up in front of our house.

“Is this the bed and breakfast?” she asked.  “My GPS told me that this is it.”

After giving her directions to the bed and breakfast that was in our neighborhood, we watched her drive off in the right direction.

photo by Joe Mabel

photo by Joe Mabel

We’ve heard numerous stories of people who have been misled by their GPS. I have visions of that anonymous electronic voice giggling in the background while people wander around looking for their destination.

Sometimes I listen to the wrong directions in my life.  It might be well-meaning people giving me advice about how to handle our mentally ill family member.  Sometimes it’s my own mistaken ideas of what to do.  Either way, I can find myself going in the wrong direction.

I love this verse. God promises to be my GPS in navigating the sometimes rough and twisting roads of mental illness. He doesn’t always tell me the destination because He wants to grow my faith. But He shows me the steps right in front of me that will get me there eventually.

As I read His Word, I get “good counsel,” and what a comfort it is to know that He is watching over me.  If I get to a roadblock that seems impossible, I can pray for God to show me the next step to navigate around it.

God is so faithful.  Don’t neglect your time with Him. He’ll keep you on the right track. And even if you get sidetracked, He’ll lead you back to the right road.

He always knows where you are.

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