Haggai 1:3-5 The prophet Haggai gave a message from the Eternal.  “Do you think the time is right for you to live in secure and lavishly covered homes when My house still lies in a heap of rubble?  Think very carefully about your choices.”  (VOICE)

When God’s people came back to their homeland, they got busy rebuilding their houses, making them, according to Haggai, secure and lavish.  But Haggai warned them that they were neglecting the more important thing – rebuilding the temple.

They were ignoring the center of their spiritual life.

When things are going well for me, I can get busy being “productive” by doing things I think are important.  What gets left in the dust is often my spiritual life.

photo by Billy Hathorn

photo by Billy Hathorn

When I feel like my spirit is lying in a “heap of rubble,” I know I’ve mishandled my priorities. When I get easily irritated by things my stepson says or does, I know I’m off-center.

Every choice I make during the day can either build up my earthly life or build up my spiritual life. Not that the nonspiritual things I do are always bad.  It’s just that sometimes I put more emphasis on the less important parts of my life.

I neglect the center of my own spiritual life.

The Bible says that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, so I need to think about my choices, and I need to ask myself, “Am I making a suitable home for God in my heart?”


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