Finding Joy and Pleasure in God

Psalm 85:6  Will You not bring us back to life once more so that we, Your people, will find joy and pleasure in You?

Life with a person who has a brain disorder can sometimes make me feel depleted and weary.  I get depressed. I get irritable. I have no motivation.

At those times I need God to bring me back to life.

My joy and pleasure can never be tied to what is going on around me.  My tendency has always been to be driven by my emotions, by how I’m feeling, but one thing I’m learning is that sometimes those emotions have as much to do with my physical state as my spiritual state.

I didn’t get enough sleep.  I’m hungry.  I haven’t had as much exercise as I usually get. Any number of things can throw off my equilibrium and make me feel disconnected to God.

photo by reebs

photo by reebs

Here’s the great thing:  God never is disconnected with us, no matter how we feel.  He can bring us “back to life.”  It’s all a matter of knowing that our joy and pleasure is in Him alone.

So when I am feeling in a blue funk, I try to remind myself that circumstances will never affect my relationship with Him.  He can pump life back into me as soon as I cry for help.

Remember that truth the next time you feel like you’re drowning in your anger or frustration or fear or hopelessness. Regardless of your circumstances, you can still have joy and pleasure in your relationship with God.

After all, He has given us eternal life, and that is more important and more permanent than anything going on around us.


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