Only God

2 Chronicles 20:12  Our True God. . .we don’t know what to do, so we are asking for Your help.  (VOICE)

King Jehoshaphat was facing an army of epic proportions when he prayed this prayer.  These forces were fast approaching Jerusalem, so the king asked the people of Judah to fast, and he prayed.

Sometimes it seems like the battles I face with my stepson’s mental illness are epic and even insurmountable. I tend to want to fix him myself, but I’ll never have the ability or the wisdom to do that.  Only God can win that battle.

I don’t know why prayer often occurs to me as a last resort.  God should be the first person I run to.  My own resources are so limited compared to His unlimited ones.

Someone on the Christian radio station said something recently that struck me (make that “convicted me”).  Worry is thinking that God might not do anything, but bitterness is thinking that what God did was wrong.

I’ve been guilty of both.

photo by Josué Goge

photo by Josué Goge

God performed a miracle when He delivered Judah from those approaching armies, and they only had to stand by and watch God do it.

In our pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps culture, it takes humility to admit that we’re out of options.  But when we don’t know what to do, God can take over in amazing ways.

So when you are feeling overwhelmed and powerless, pray Jehoshaphat’s prayer.  God loves His people to call on Him in those situations.

He can work on your behalf.  It’s His great joy to fight your battles for you.

And He always wins.

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