Daily Excellence

Daniel 6:10  Even though Daniel was aware the king had signed the ordinance into law, he continued to do what he always did. He would go home, ascend the stairs to the upper room—which had windows facing toward Jerusalem—and get down on his knees three times a day and pray to his God and praise Him.

King Darius had been convinced by his advisors to pass an ordinance decreeing that anyone who prayed to any other god but Darius should be put to death.  Even knowing this Daniel stuck with his daily prayers to God.  Scripture says that “he continued to do what he always did.”

It was more than a habit for Daniel.  It was a commitment he had made in his heart that he’d never abandon his relationship with God.

We recently had a couple of days weathering the psychotic ramblings and rantings of our bipolar family member when he didn’t take his meds.  We didn’t face the lions that Daniel did, but it was nonetheless scary not knowing where his behavior would lead.

Over the years I’ve learned to press in closer to God during those moments, but it’s really been my daily commitment to Him that’s been my strength.

Artwork by Henry Ossawa Tanner

Artwork by Henry Ossawa Tanner

In one of his podcasts, Dave Ramsey said we need to “be excellent in the ordinary.”  What a profound idea when you think about it.  Those everyday things that we do that strengthen our relationship with God are really the things that carry us through those tough times, not just our “emergency” prayers.

So I continue doing the things that I always do – prayer, Scripture reading, Christian friendships. Just like daily good food and exercise strengthen my physical body, daily excellence in spiritual disciplines things strengthen my faith.

Be excellent. Be strong.

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  1. Anne Childs says:

    Such a good word. Thanks!


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