A Greater Purpose for Us

Luke 23:37  Soldiers: “Hey, if You’re the King of the Jews, why don’t You free Yourself!”  (VOICE)

People taunted Jesus as He hung on the cross saying that if He was Who He said He was, (then why couldn’t He save Himself.

photo by Horakvlado

photo by Horakvlado

He did not – He could not – because His suffering and death and resurrection served a greater purpose than His own safety and freedom.  As the Son of God, He had all of the powers of heaven available to Him, yet He chose not to use it.  He knew that to accomplish the ultimate good for the lives of people, He would need to overcome that greatest enemy, death.

When I get overwhelmed with the daily aspect of living with a family member who has a brain disorder, I have to remind myself that God did not place me in this family by accident.  He has me here for a greater purpose than my comfort.

I have no doubt that part of the purpose is to encourage others, like you, who are reading this blog.

However, another purpose God has in allowing me to experience this is to develop my character, to teach me godliness, to deepen my relationship with Him.

So I thank God that He sent Jesus to do what I could never do for myself, to create a way for me to live with Him for eternity.  As hard as it is to think about, Jesus went through all of that suffering for me, and for you.

But it didn’t end on the cross.  Because Jesus came out of that tomb, He was victorious over that enemy death.  And because He was victorious, we who believe are winners.

I will never go through the agony that Jesus suffered.  I need to remember that when I feel sorry for myself or begin to gripe – once again – about my situation.


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