The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Job 2:10b Are we to accept the good that comes from God, but not accept the bad? (VOICE)

The story of Job is known to many, even nonbelievers, as the gut-wrenching story of a man who loses everything, even his children, when God allows the enemy to test Job to see how faithful he would be to God in the face of unimaginable pain.

After those losses, Job even suffers physical pain.  At that point, his wife tells him, “Just curse God and die!”

But Job, despite his emotional and physical agony, never loses his faith in God.  He knows that everything he goes through is sifted through God’s hands, so in the grand scheme of things there must be a purpose.

There is something in us that longs to believe that when we become Christ-followers we will no longer have problems.  Of course, we really know that isn’t true.  The Bible says that the rain falls on the just and the unjust.

Approaching storms clouds on the Oregon coast. (Roy W. Lowe/USFWS)

Approaching storms clouds on the Oregon coast. (Roy W. Lowe/USFWS)

Even knowing that, we struggle with the “why” of suffering.  It’s hard to see through the clouds to the blue sky on the other side, so we sometimes feel like we have to drag ourselves through another day, hoping the next day will be better.

Eventually the clouds part, the pain subsides, and we continue on.

Here’s the thing:  We will never be able to figure out God’s reasons.  He sees the big picture and we only see the tiniest part.

So I have to ask myself, can I trust God with my life, that God who created the universe, who has existed before time, who knows the beginning and the end?

Yes, I can.  After all, He loves me.

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