My Identity and Significance in God

Psalm 62:7 My salvation and my significance depend ultimately on God; the core of my strength, my shelter, is in the True God.  (VOICE)

As a Jesus follower I have no doubts concerning my salvation.  I am confident in my standing with God. However, at times I have struggled with my significance and my identity in this faith walk.

I recently went through a class during which we were to write our personal mission statement, our why-am-I-here statement.  At first, I wanted to construct my mission statement in the context of what God has taught me during my journey with a mentally ill stepson and how to share that with others.

When you have a family member with a brain disorder, the tendency can be to soak yourself so much in that problem that it becomes your identity.  Everything has undertones of how that problem affects or even controls what you are or what you do or even what you say.  It is stifling.

However, as I prayed more about my mission statement, it became broader in scope.  I began to see that my life is much more than that one area.  Everything else I have gone through in my life, from childhood to the present time, has been a journey of revelation and growth.  It all contributes to the mission God has given to me.

photo by Effex

photo by Effex

So I have learned not to make my sole focus this area of the difficulties of mental illness.  The picture of my life is a composite of all of my life experiences, and that is what gives my life significance and purpose.  My identity is that of a child of God who is able to share with others out of that treasure of experiences.

The struggle with mental illness only partly shapes me.  It does not define me.

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