The God Who Is With Us

Isaiah 57:15 For the highest God above, who is and always will be, the only One who is holy has this to say:  I live in the high and holy place, yet I am with the low, the weak, and the humble.  I renew their vitality and revive their strength.  (VOICE)

We recently traveled again to the Grand Canyon.  No matter how many times we go there, no matter what the season or weather is, we never lose our feeling of awe for its magnificence.  The eyes cannot take it all in, and you never get a true sense of its size.

photo by John Kees

photo by John Kees

Our favorite thing is to watch the shadows change as the light moves over the canyon from morning to night.  The sight of the Grand Canyon makes me once again think about the creative power of God.  I feel small.

There is a tendency to think at such times, how can such a great God be concerned with my problems?

This scripture verse tells me that He doesn’t just look from afar with compassion for me, but He is down here with me.  The great God who created the Grand Canyon is in my life renewing and strengthening me as I go through this sometimes turbulent life with my mentally ill stepson.

How awesome is that!  God sees and is concerned with absolutely everything we encounter as we journey, great things or small things.

Sometimes a Grand Canyon experience is nice.  Seeing His greatness makes His closeness to me all the sweeter.

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