God Has Helped Us So Far

1 Samuel 7:12 That’s why Samuel set up a stone between Mizpah and Shen; and he called that stone Ebenezer, which means “rock of help,” for he said, “The Eternal One has helped us so far.”  (VOICE)

The people of Israel often built altars to commemorate specific times when God did something special or miraculous or historically significant for them.  It was a way to remind the people that God was faithful in the past and to encourage them that He is still faithful.

Illustration from the Brockhaus and Efron Jewish Encyclopedia

Illustration from the Brockhaus and Efron Jewish Encyclopedia

In the temple, it was not only a reminder of the past, but also a focus for their relationship to God in the present.

When Samuel said, “The Eternal One has helped us so far,” he knew that God would not someday decide that He had helped them enough.  God would never say, “Okay, you’re on your own now.”

God isn’t like that.  He promises to always be with me, just as He has always been with Israel, no matter how I might fail.

It’s good for me to look back and see those places worthy of remembrance even though I don’t build physical altars.  I need to remind myself from time to time of those instances when God intervened in my life in ways that can only be described as holy moments.

God hasn’t forgotten me, and He hasn’t forgotten you.  He is by our side as we go through things even though we can’t at present see evidence of it.

One thing that helps me – I guess it is a type of altar of remembrance – is to keep a written record of those instances when God has been faithful in obvious ways. (Hindsight sometimes is necessary to see those times.)  A journal, perhaps, or notes in the margin of my Bible are some of the ways that help me remember.  One time I got a flat rock and wrote “Ebenezer” on it.

However you do it, take time to remember that God has brought you to this point, and He will be with you always.

And it’s not the destination that is as important as the journey.

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